Enjoy Your Fake-ation

Liz and I spent Valentine’s Day weekend on a romantic retreat to Vancouver.  And we’re spending this weekend catching up with friends in Boulder.  In both cases, instead of hopping from tourist activity to tourist activity, we’re spending most of our time doing all sorts of normal things.  We started with registering for our wedding at a Canadian Crate and Barrel, attacking the store on a quiet Friday.  Since then we’ve shopped at innumerable grocery stores, bought swimwear for our honeymoon, and gotten a bunch of work done.  All of this has brought up a curious question:

If a vacation is when you go away and do ‘holiday’ activiites (e.g., touristing, relaxing),

and a stay-cataion is when you stay home and do ‘holiday’ activites,

what is it when you go away and do ‘normal’ activites (e.g., running errands, doing work)? 

Introducing:  the fake-ation (or, in other words, the ‘fake vacation’) – the time that you go away from home, but end up doing all sorts of normal things.  You run errands, you catch up with friends, you get some work done, you finally go to the gym.  To be honest, it’s hard to find a pure incarnation of any of these; you have to go get more sunscreen when you’re hanging out on the beach or take an hour to read in the midst of everyday.  But the fake-ation is real.

Doing normal stuff here in Boulder,

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